15 Valuation Walkthroughs

by Geoff Gannon

A reader sent me this email:

Hi Geoff, 

Do you know of a place where I can find walk-thrus of valuation work where they actually include important things to look for when getting started? I've been looking for a full case study with some answers to questions that a novice might have but haven't really found a comprehensive source for that type of thing. Find lots of valuation work out there on SumZero etc.  But most seems to be for advanced users. Any ideas?


Here are 15 places where you can find valuation walkthroughs:

1. Value Investors Club (just look at the ideas older than 90 days)

2. My 2 Letters to the Bancinsurance Board of Directors

3. Raymond James's Bancinsurance Presentation

3. Warren Buffett: Walt Disney and Warren Buffett: Washington Post

4. International Value Investing Ideas like PaperlinX and Danier Leather

5. Mason Wartman's Report on Stanley Furniture

6. Tim Welland's Seeking Alpha Write-Up on Aerosonic

7. Ben Graham's 1949 Edition of The Intelligent Investor – Chapter 10.

8. The 10 Lectures at The Rediscovered Benjamin Graham Website

9. Investor Questions Podcast #19: What is Exxon Worth?

10. Investor Questions Podcast #9: How Do You Calculate a Bank's Intrinsic Value?

11. Investor Questions Podcast #6: How to Calculate an Insurance Company's Intrinsic Value?

12. Investor Questions Podcast #1: Intrinsic Value Walkthrough

13. Whopper Investments: Meritage Hospitality Write-Up

14. Greenbacd: Ben Bortner’s Guest Post on Seahwak Drilling

15. Street Capitalist’s Gyrodyne Post

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