The Avid Hog: FAQ #1 – Do You Have a Sample or Free Trial?

by Geoff Gannon


Before I shell out $100/mo for your services - do you have a sample or free trial subscription of the newsletter? I like to see a product before I pay for it (and no, I don't want to enter my CC info, only to have to cancel it if I'm not satisfied).


You do not need to enter your credit card information. Just call or email Subscriber Services and ask to be sent an issue. Here is the contact info.

If you are satisfied with the product, please come back to the site and use the subscribe button. If you are unsatisfied, think of it as an (unwanted) gift.

We do not offer any trial subscription periods. We do have an unlimited refund policy. If you ever ask for a refund, we always provide it.

(Bottom Line: The Avid Hog runs on the honor system. If – after reading a full issue – your personal sense of honor says it’s okay not to pay for content of that quality, that’s fine. You don’t pay. If at any point, you decide you deserve a refund for a particular issue, we’ll give you the refund. We ask that you treat us honorably. In return, we think treating a customer honorably means we never question your judgment of the content. We can’t judge your satisfaction. So if you tell us you’re not satisfied, we are honor bound to return your money.)

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