The Avid Hog is Now Singular Diligence

by Geoff Gannon

The Avid Hog has been reformatted and renamed SINGULAR DILIGENCE, reflecting a singular focus on business diligence. The defining idea behind The Avid Hog of finding and profiling "a wonderful business at an attractive price" for buy-and-hold investors has been continued in SINGULAR DILIGENCE. Geoff Gannon and Quan Hoang have teamed up with Tobias Carlisle as the publisher and the newsletter is being hosted at Marketfy

The attached special report on America's Car Mart, profiled in the The Avid Hog back in June, explains why we selected that stock. It also give you a look at the depth of analysis and extent of the data that appears in every newsletter.

The current issue of SINGULAR DILIGENCE is Progressive Insurance. If you sign up now, you can read our December issue, Progressive Insurance, right away, and also be assured of getting the next issue when it comes out on January 1st. 

Read the America's Car-Mart (CRMT) Sample Issue (PDF)

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