Archived Issues: Progressive, Ark, Town Sports, John Wiley, HomeServe, and Village

by Geoff Gannon

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Singular Diligence – Archived Issues

Progressive (PGR): A U.S. auto insurer that competes with GEICO online. Also the largest auto insurer in the independent agent channel.

Ark Restaurants (ARKR): Runs a small number of huge restaurants in landmark locations like: Union Station, Bryant Park, Faneuil Hall, casinos, and hotels. Also has an interest in the Meadowlands racetrack in Northern New Jersey as well as the food and beverage concession there.

Town Sports (CLUB): Runs urban gyms in New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia under the “Sports Club” name.

HomeServe (London – HSV): A U.K. company that provides home emergency repair services using an insurer’s premium based model. Now also in countries like France and the United States.

John Wiley (JW.A): A publisher of books, textbooks, and academic journals. The vast majority of the company’s value is in its academic journals. The Wiley family has controlled the company for 207 years.

Village Supermarket (VLGEA): The second largest operator of “Shop-Rite” supermarkets. Stores are mostly in densely populated Northern New Jersey. Each store does about $1 million a week in sales.


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