Weight Watchers (WTW) Added to Archived Issues

by Geoff Gannon

Our issue on Weight Watchers (WTW) – probably the most controversial pick we’ve ever made in the newsletter – has just been added to the archived issues for Singular Diligence. So when you subscribe to Singular Diligence you now get immediate access to our Weight Watchers issue.

Quan and I picked Weight Watchers in October 2013 when it traded at $32.12 a share. The stock has dropped 10% since we wrote that issue. It actually dropped a lot more than 10% at one point. The 52-week low is something like $19 a share. The share price is $28.92 as I write this blog post.

So the price is now 10% lower than when we originally picked Weight Watchers.

For changes that have happened since we wrote that issue in October 2013 you might want to consider…

You can read Weight Watchers’s latest earnings release (Q3 2014) here.

As expected, the company signed a deal with a U.S. health insurer (Humana) to offer the Weight Watchers program as part of employee sponsored health plans.

And for a contrasting (negative) view on Weight Watchers your best choice is Punchcard Investing. Punchcard Investing wrote two posts on Weight Watchers. You should definitely read both of those posts to balance out the issue of Singular Diligence where we picked the stock.

Here is Punchcard Investing’s original August 2013 post.

And here is Punchcard Investing’s update on Weight Watchers published in November 2013.


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