Stock Write-Up On Demand

by Geoff Gannon

I’m trying something new here. It will be first come, first served. And there’s only going to be room for a couple people this week.

Request a private write-up on a specific stock.

This write-up can be for the use of you, your family, your firm, etc. You can buy stock in the company, short it, etc. based on my write-up or you can ignore my write-up. The choice is yours.

There is, however, one thing you can’t do.

The one thing you can’t do is share what I write for you anywhere on the internet.

Here’s how it works:

·         Pick a stock

·         I’ll research the stock for you

·         I’ll send you a short write-up summarizing my analysis

·         You’ll send me $100 via PayPal if you’re satisfied with the write-up

Request a Stock Write-Up