Last Chance for Now: Write-Up On Demand (Closing to New Requests at Midnight Tonight)

by Geoff Gannon

Since my earlier post, I got a lot of requests to write-up specific stocks. And these requests keep coming in at a daily rate faster than I can research these stocks.

So, at midnight tonight I’m going to stop accepting requests and just work through the backlog. Once I’m done filling these requests, I’ll announce on the blog if and when I’m re-opening to new requests.

Once again, the way this works is:

This write-up can be for the use of you, your family, your firm, etc. You can buy stock in the company, short it, etc. based on my write-up or you can ignore my write-up. The choice is yours.

There is, however, one thing you can’t do.

The one thing you can’t do is share what I write for you anywhere on the internet.

Here’s how it works:

·         Pick a stock

·         I’ll research the stock for you

·         I’ll send you a short write-up summarizing my analysis

·         You’ll send me $100 via PayPal if you’re satisfied with the write-up

Finally, a suggestion. I will certainly try to do my best to research any stock you ask about. However, I have gotten a lot of requests to research companies that are speculative in the sense that:

·         They are in bankruptcy right now

·         They are losing money right now

·         They have never made money in the past

·         Statistical measures like Z-Score and F-Score suggest they are very poor credit risks

I can research these stocks. But, common stock is junior to the company’s obligations. So, in cases like this, my write-up is likely to focus on the company’s weak financial position and the possibility that the stock will be worthless.

The quality of the write-up you get from me will depend to a huge extent on the quality – that is, “research-ability” – of the idea you send me.

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