Call for Questions: A New Weekly Focused Compounding Podcast to be Hosted by Me and Andrew

by Geoff Gannon

Within the next month: my Focused Compounding co-founder, Andrew Kuhn, and I will launch a free weekly podcast.

Each episode will be 20 minutes or less.

And each episode will cover one and only one stock idea.

Each week’s stock idea will be taken from a write-up over at Focused Compounding.

This written germ of an idea could be a an old newsletter issue I wrote (we have a little over two dozen at the member site), a guest write-up (we usually have one a week over at the member site), a forum post on our members’ “Idea Exchange” (there are now a dozen ideas on that board), or one of the write-ups Andrew and I did ourselves (like my write-up of my NACCO investment or Andrew’s write-up of his investment in Hostess Brands shares and warrants).

What does this have to do with you?

Once a month: the podcast will change formats and answer email questions “rapid fire” one right after another.

Normally, these email questions will come only from Focused Compounding members (these are the folks who pay us a monthly fee).

However – just this once – we’re going to open up the field entirely and take questions from my blog, my Twitter, Andrew’s Twitter, and Focused Compounding members.

So, if you want to hear my answer and Andrew’s answer to your question – and yes, it can be on absolutely any topic at all – simply email that question to me before Andrew and I record our first monthly Q&A episode.

You can also Tweet at us.

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