Get Geoff’s Take on a Stock You’re Interested In

by Geoff Gannon

(Focused Compounding)

Note: You have to be a member of the Focused Compounding community to take me up on this offer.

New Feature: Request for Research

Focused Compounding is adding a “Request for Research” feature to the site. Any member of the Focused Compounding community can now send Geoff a stock idea they’d like him to look at. Geoff will pick one stock from this idea pile each week. He will research the stock and do a full write. Geoff’s analysis will be viewable by the whole Focused Compounding community.

The stock you want to get Geoff’s thoughts on can be any size and traded anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions.

So, please send your best current stock idea to:

With the subject line:

Focused Compounding: Request for Research

Geoff will respond to all emails, even if time doesn’t permit him to do a full write-up of your idea.

(Focused Compounding)