Get $200 for Your Stock Write-Up

by Geoff Gannon

Focused Compounding: Full Details

My members only website, Focused Compounding, is giving away $200 for this month’s best subscriber submitted stock write-up.

Focused Compounding’s co-founder, Andrew Kuhn, and I will make the winning idea available to everyone – subscriber and non-subscriber alike – at the start of September.

All the runner-up ideas will be viewable only by members.

So, if you’re a Focused Compounding member reading this, submit your stock write-up to the Focused Compounding Idea Exchange by the end of August for a chance to get $200 for your idea.

We’re looking for an idea that is:

1.       in depth

2.       well thought out

3.       analytically strong

4.       and actionable

In that order of importance.

Focused Compounding: Full Details