Weekly Stock Revisits Start Monday with Weight Watchers (WTW)

by Geoff Gannon

I'm going to be doing something new here. I don't normally discuss specific stocks much (mostly because I haven't bought a stock in about 2 years).

However, starting Monday, I will revisit each of the 27 stocks I picked from 2013-2016 for the newsletter I was then writing.

I'll start Monday with a blog post on Weight Watchers (WTW) since that was a stock I picked 3-4 years ago at $32 a share. It fell to $4 a share. And then closed today at $41 a share.

I'm not sure it's the most instructive case study. But, it's definitely the wildest ride to write about.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I personally bought WTW shares at $37.68 and sold the shares at $19.40 for a realized loss of 49%.

To prepare you for my Weight Watchers re-visit here are two articles others wrote that were inspired in some way by my case for Weight Watchers:

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A Closer Look at Weight Watchers (WTW) (August 21st, 2013)

You can also read my own reasons for why I bought Weight Watchers:

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