Price / Original Appraisal Value of All Stocks I've Written Reports On

by Geoff Gannon

Focused Compounding

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Here is the price to original appraisal value (what I pegged the intrinsic value of the stock at when I wrote the report sometime between 2013-2016) of all stocks I've written full reports on.


Stocks in red are expensive. Stocks in yellow are close to fair value. Stocks in green are cheap.

Stocks shown in red are far too expensive to buy.

Stocks shown in yellow are too expensive to buy right now, but may be good businesses to research now so you can buy them the next time some news causes their share prices to collapse.

Stocks shown in green are cheap enough to buy now. However, that does not mean they are necessarily good enough or safe enough to buy. I wrote these reports between 2013 and 2016. So, some businesses may have changed for the worse in the years since I wrote the report.

Each report is 10,000 words or more in length. A subscription to Focused Compounding gives you immediate and unlimited access to reports on all the stocks listed here.

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Focused Compounding

Free Report: Omnicom (OMC)