NIC (EGOV) Loses Its Biggest Customer (Texas) – Stock Down 20% Today

by Geoff Gannon

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NIC (EGOV) lost its biggest customer, the State of Texas, yesterday. The stock is down 20% today. A lot of people have emailed me asking for my thoughts about this stock and this development.

I just posted an article to Focused Compounding on the loss of the Texas business and whether the 20% stock price decline is too much, too little, about right, etc.

For free, you can read the company’s earnings call transcript at Seeking Alpha. And you can read the company’s earnings release.

Those are the two things I’d recommend doing.

Of course, you can read my thoughts on the company at Focused Compounding if you become a member. However, I’m not going to write anything about the company over here. From now on, all my company specific thoughts go to Focused Compounding. This blog will not be about specific companies. It will be about general investing ideas.

We might discuss EGOV on a future podcast. Andrew and I will be taking old ideas off Focused Compounding and discussing them on the podcast. So, you may be able to hear my thoughts about EGOV via the podcast. As far as in writing, that’ll only be at Focused Compounding – never here.

I'm sorry to draw that line in the sand. But, Focused Compounding is a member supported website that pays me and Andrew and the other people who write there. This is a free blog.

Listen to Geoff’s Podcast