8 Episodes of the Podcast Now Available in iTunes – New Episodes Mondays and Thursdays

by Geoff Gannon

Focused Compounding Podcast

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New episodes of The Focused Compounding Podcast come out on Mondays and Thursdays. There are already 8 episodes out now.

These 8 episodes consist of…


“Actionable Idea” Episodes

Episode 2 is a 19-minute podcast about NIC (EGOV). This company operates about half of all “dot gov” state websites in the U.S. Episode 5 is a 21-minute podcast about Frost (CFR). I have about 25% of my portfolio in this stock. It’s the largest bank headquartered in Texas. Episode 7 is a 16-minute podcast about Cheesecake Factory (CAKE). This company operates large format restaurants that each do about $29,000 a day in sales.


“Question & Answer” Episodes

Episode 1 is a 17-minute podcast tackling the questions “How did Geoff and Andrew meet?”, “What’s the best way to become a better investor?”, “How do you decide which stock to research next?”, and “How did you get into investing?”. Episode 4 is a 21-minute Q&A podcast where the questions answered are: “What are the worst mistakes of omission that you’ve both made during your investing careers?”, “How do you determine your position size?”, “How do you counter the psychological effects of writing about your investments publicly – and has writing added to or detracted from your investment performance?” Episode 6 is another Q&A where Andrew and I answer 3 questions: “In your investing career, do you ever get depressed?”, “What is your research process when it comes to a completely new stock?”, and “What are the best investing books you’ve read?”


“Post-Mortem” Episodes

Episode 8 is a 28-minute podcast where I talk about my something like 3 and a half year long experience owning Weight Watchers (WTW). In the podcast description for this show I called these post-mortems “gorily honest tales of what went right and wrong”. This Weight Watchers episode definitely lives up to that description. These post-mortems will be a regular feature of the podcast along with the actionable idea episodes and Q&A episodes.


Special Episodes

Back in early February: After a few rough days for the stock market, Andrew and I sat down to record a special 40-minute podcast called “Volatility in the Markets”. There will be some one-off episodes like this that don’t fit in the 3 normal episode formats: actionable ideas, post-mortems, and Q&As.

If you have a suggestion about an episode format you’d like to see us try out, email me: gannononinvesting@gmail.com.

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Focused Compounding Podcast