Housekeeping: 7 Questions I Get Asked a Lot

by Geoff Gannon

Why Didn’t I Know You Were Doing “X”?

You don’t follow me on Twitter. The best way to keep up to date with what I’m doing is to follow me on Twitter. My Twitter handle is @GeoffGannon. I post links to everything I write, record, etc. pretty much the second the content is out.


Why Didn’t You Respond to my Comment?

I’ve never read a comment to any GuruFocus article. If you have a comment you want answered, email me: As a writer, I just have an ironclad rule not to read public comments.  I am a prolific responder to emails though. So, ask me absolutely anything via email and the odds are I’ll respond to it with a longer reply than you’d expect.


Where Can You Find My Old Articles?

The best way to read what I’m writing is to click the “Articles” link above. That link will take you to a page on GuruFocus with literally every article I have written for that site. There are hundreds of thousands of words of content that’s “new to you” in those archives. My articles tend not to be very “newsworthy” so reading something I wrote in 2012 is about as useful as reading what I’m writing now.


Can I Subscribe to the Podcast?

The Focused Compounding Podcast will become a true podcast (be subscribe-able on iTunes) eventually. Also, the podcast will eventually go behind a paywall in some way. The most likely way we do that is to have recent shows always available for free – like the most recent month or two – and keep the “back catalog” solely for Focused Compounding subscribers.


Is a Focused Compounding Subscription Worth It?

A lot of people ask what Focused Compounding is. What do you “get” as a subscriber? Basically, you get 24 old stock reports (the Singular Diligence archives), a message board where subscribers share stock ideas, and occasional stock write-ups by me or someone I’ve asked to write-up a specific idea for the site. In the future, there will also be a very brief, breezy weekly email from me telling you what I’m reading, looking at, etc. investment-wise. Basically, it’s the site where I put any stock specific content I create. I hope Andrew and I will soon record introduction videos explaining the site better and make that our landing page. It’s $60 a month. Listen to the podcast to hear about a $10 off promo code. We don’t do refunds or free trials. But we also don’t do longer-term subscriptions. Everyone’s month-to-month.


Can I Write For Focused Compounding?

Maybe. We only have one “editor” (me). And our budget for content is small. But, send me an exclusive stock write-up (that is, one you have not yet published anywhere – including your blog) and I can usually give you a “yes” or “no” answer in 24 hours. If I like your writing, we can hook you up with a free subscription to the site. We also pay for articles. The pay’s not great. But, I think we can match or exceed any “base” rates you’d get at other sites. If discussing your stock idea with me is a plus – I can give you as many hours of my time as you’d like to talk through any stock idea you have, give you advice on your article, etc. You can write about any stock of any size traded anywhere in the world. And I’m happy to work with non-native English speakers.


Do You Manage Money?

I don’t manage money. And I don’t have plans to start managing money. I’m not temperamentally well-suited to selling myself or dealing with clients. So, I really don’t see this as something that will ever happen.  A lot of people have tried to convince me to do this. I remain unconvinced.

You can learn more about Geoff Gannon by emailing him:, following him on Twitter: @GeoffGannon, or listening to his podcast. His stock specific write-ups appear on a subscriber supported website: Focused Compounding.