Free Report: Luxottica (LUX)

by Geoff Gannon

Now that the Luxottica-Essilor deal has gotten anti-trust approval in the U.S. and E.U., it looks like the merger will go through. For that reason, I’m just going to give away the Luxottica report from 2016 as a free sample of what’s in our library over at Focused Compounding. Focused Compounding members get access to 26 other reports just like this one.

Luxottica Report (PDF)

“Luxottica is a vertically integrated eyewear company. Although founded in Italy, it now gets much of its sales and profits from the United States. And although founded as a part maker for prescription eyeglass frames…it now gets much of its sales and profits from sunglasses….Luxottica is truly vertically integrated. Last year, 59% of the company’s sales came from its own stores…Quan and I consider Luxottica’s four most important assets to be the sunglass brands Ray-Ban ($2.6 billion in sales), and Oakley ($1.1 billion in sales) plus the retail chains LensCrafters (over $2 billion in sales), and Sunglass Hut (also over $2 billion)… if you are looking for a stock to buy and hold forever – Luxottica is definitely your stock. This is a perfect buy and hold forever stock. Of the stocks we’ve written about for Singular Diligence so far, I think Luxottica and Frost are the two stocks to buy today and hold forever.

Luxottica Report (PDF)

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