What's Focused Compounding?

by Geoff Gannon

Focused Compounding is my member site. It’s the only place where I do stock specific write-ups. Membership costs $60 a month. But, if you listen to one of our podcast episodes, you’ll hear a promo code you can use.

The best way to learn about Focused Compounding is to go to the homepage:


On the left side of your screen, you’ll see an audio file you can click that will play about 30 minutes of me and Andrew talking about the site, what it is, etc. That’s the best description of the site you’ll ever get.

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see 6 rotating headlines.

These are the 6 most recent articles on Focused Compounding. These are usually specific stock write-ups. So, despite not being a member you’ll still be able to see the stock name and ticker symbol of whatever I and others have been writing about lately. However, you won’t be able to read any of the actual articles.

There are also detailed stock reports and a stock message board (similar to Value Investors Club). These aren’t included in the rotating headlines. So, they’re there. But, you won’t see what stocks are covered just by looking at the home page.

There’s no free trial. The only free thing is the podcast. That podcast is at the top of my blog. But, it’s also at:


The podcast will always be on the free side of the paywall. Everything else will be on the paid side of the paywall.

Some people have asked me if there’s a way to be a contributing member to the site instead of a paying member. That is, can you write articles on specific stocks instead of paying for membership?

It’s something I’m considering. But, we only need so many contributors. And we do have a lot of people who work as analysts in their day job, who already write their own blogs, etc. and are either already Focused Compounding members or would like to contribute instead of paying a monthly fee.

So, if your small portfolio size makes you feel you can’t justify paying the monthly fee, but you do want to join the site and contribute your best stock ideas – email me:


And we can talk about the possibility. It’s very competitive though. And I’d need to see a complete sample of a specific stock write-up you’ve done based on your very own idea.

Finally, everyone who reads this blog – but is not a Focused Compounding member – should always feel free to write me anytime about anything. There are perks to being a Focused Compounding member. But, access to me is always free. You don’t have to feel bad if you’re not a member but still want to talk stocks with me via email. I’m always open to that.

My partner in everything Focused Compounding is Andrew Kuhn. His Twitter is @FocusedCompound. Mine is @GeoffGannon.