Sunday Morning Memo

by Geoff Gannon

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I write a weekly memo now. It goes out as a PDF sent via email. It’s about one page. And I discuss one general investing topic in it. In theory, I don’t discuss specific stock ideas in the memo. In practice, I sometimes cite a recent example (often a stock written up at Focused Compounding). It’s free to get the memo. You just enter your email address. And then the only thing we do with that email address is send you one email sometime every Sunday.

The memos so far have been:

5/13/2018: “Goodness vs. Soundness”

5/06/2018: “The Urgent and the Important”

4/29/2018: “The Second Side of Focus”

4/22/2018: “Patience as a Process”

4/15/2018: “Fear, Greed, and Boredom” 

4/08/2018: “An Illiquid Lunch”

4/01/2018: “Killing Your Horse” 

3/25/2018: “Choose to Choose”

The past memos are archived at Focused Compounding.

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