You’re Now Getting 3 Podcasts a Week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – Here’s an Off-Topic One

by Geoff Gannon

New podcast episodes will now come out 3 times a week: Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. For our first podcast on this 3-episodes a week schedule, Andrew and I decided to do an off-topic podcast episode…

Episode #33: Getting to Know Andrew and Geoff

By the way, some people have asked how you can get access to old episodes. iTunes only shows the most recent episodes. You can find them at the podcast’s Podbean page.

As for this Monday’s episode (which is already up now), you’ll get to learn more about me and Andrew than in a normal podcast. I like to keep the podcasts short (the unattainable goal seems to be the 15-minute mark). So, we never talk about ourselves. People know me pretty well. But, most don’t know Andrew. So, you’ll come away from this podcast with a better idea of who that other guy is.

Episode #33: Getting to Know Andrew and Geoff

Don’t worry.

We’re not planning to make a habit of these off-topic podcasts.

But, we didn’t tell people they could Tweet us any questions – no restrictions as to subject matter. So, we will do one and only one podcast where we rapid fire answer every question we get. Andrew and I will probably record again this Friday. So, if you do have a question you want answered tweet it to @GeoffGannon and @FocusedCompound.

This one time: you can ask absolutely anything.

We will answer it.


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Episode #33: Getting to Know Andrew and Geoff