Ekornes (Stressless) to be Acquired for 139 NOK - Here is My Report on the Stock

by Geoff Gannon

Focused Compounding members get access to a "Stocks A-Z" section of the website. This includes about two dozen stock reports I did for Singular Diligence between 2013 and 2016. Recently, Ekornes (the Norwegian maker of Stressless brand furniture) announced that its board had agreed to be taken over for 139 NOK a share in cash.

Last I saw, the stock was trading close to that level. So, this is no longer what I would call an "actionable" stock idea. For that reason, I thought I'd share the Ekornes report on this blog as keeping the report exclusive can't benefit paying members anymore.

So, here's my stock report on Ekornes. It's a good example of what the couple dozen other reports on Focused Compounding look like.

Ekornes Stock Report (PDF)

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