Want to Share Your Stock Write-Ups Online? – Write for Focused Compounding

by Geoff Gannon

Andrew and I are looking for people who want to contribute stock-write ups.

Not a lot of people. We’re talking a half dozen open author slots at most. And…

Writing for Focused Compounding is done by invitation only.

We don’t take unsolicited submissions.

You have to email me, introduce yourself, and give me a link to someplace I can read your investment writing.

If I like what you’ve written, I’ll invite you to write for Focused Compounding.

As a contributor, you’ll get a membership to the site.

Once you are “invited” to write for Focused Compounding – we will publish whatever you send me (as long as it meets the requirements below).

My job is to control the quality of the people writing for Focused Compounding. It isn’t to decide which stock ideas are good or bad.

In the past, we’ve published stock ideas I didn’t like.

The key was that those stock ideas I didn’t like were written by analysts I did like.  

So, if you think you’re an analyst I’ll like – please email me at:


I don’t care about your professional experience, age, education, etc. If you’re a CFA or CPA or MBA – don’t bother telling me. You can be a high school student or a senior citizen. English doesn’t have to be your first language.

All I care about is seeing examples of you analyzing a stock in writing.