Best Place to Run Screens: StockScreen123 – Underrated

by Geoff Gannon

Someone who reads the blog sent me this email:

Geoff - 

Nice article on EV/EBITDA - no qualms here. I'm curious, however, where you run your screens? Being the cheap bastard that I am, I don't subscribe to any specific data sites, so I've typically begun with google finance, which isn't very helpful when it comes to non-GAAP criteria.




StockScreen123 is the Best Place to Run Screens - But It Takes Time to Learn

The best place to run screens - for the price - is StockScreen123. It is not user friendly. You need to read about how the functions work, etc. and experiment a bit. But it's the best site by far.

I highly recommend it.

For U.K. stocks I use Sharelockholmes

For worldwide, I don't have a good (cheap) solution. A lot of people use the FT screener is Actually a Super Handy Site - If You Know What It's Best At 

Blommberg's (free) website has great coverage of just about every stock on planet Earth. They don't have much data. But if you type in a public company name - that trades anywhere in the world - you'll get basic info like EV/EBITDA.

Here are some obscure examples to prove my point:

If they've got those companies - they've got everything.

So Bloomberg is a great resource when you know a company's name but you aren't sure whether it's public or private, where it trades, etc. 

I often start my stock research at Bloomberg. 

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