Investing 101 Toolbox: 12 Books, 3 Lectures, 4 Blogs, and 5 Interviews for Investors

by Geoff Gannon

A reader sent me this email:

I saw…that you are more or less self-taught. Do you have any other sources for information you could recommend for me?

- Brian

I’m going to interpret this email as if Brian asked: “How would you teach Investing 101?”. I don’t believe in formulas and definitions. I believe in examples and patterns. I believe you teach Buffett, Greenblatt, Fisher, Graham, Lynch, Pabrai, Burry, etc. You don’t say who is right and who is wrong. You teach the toolbox.

I don’t like everything in the box. Frankly: I’m not a Pabrai fan. Seems like a decent guy. But we don’t invest the same way. I’m still obligated to learn Pabrai’s model and be able to teach it the same way someone who writes about the U.S. Constitution needs to know Calhoun’s model.

Here’s my Investing 101 Toolbox:


  1. You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits
  2. The Little Book That Still Beats the Market
  3. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings
  4. The Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical Counsel
  5. One Up On Wall Street : How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market
  6. Beating the Street
  7. Contrarian Investment Strategies - The Next Generation
  8. John Neff on Investing
  9. Money Masters of Our Time
  10. Investing the Templeton Way
  11. Benjamin Graham on Investing: Enduring Lessons from the Father of Value Investing
  12. The Dhandho Investor: The Low - Risk Value Method to High Returns


  1. Thomas Russo
  2. Li Lu
  3. Mohnish Pabrai


  1. Cheap Stocks
  2. SINLetter
  3. Greenbackd
  4. The Interactive Investor Blog


  1. Tariq Ali of Street Capitalist
  2. George of Fat Pitch Financials
  3. Toby Carlisle of Greenbackd
  4. Asif Suria of SINLetter
  5. Jon Heller of Cheap Stocks


Warren Buffett’s Partnership Letters

Michael Burry’s Message Board Posts

Michael Burry's Partnership Letters


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