Plain English: How to Rewrite an SEC Disclosure - Geoff Translates

by Geoff Gannon

SEC reports are wordy. Here’s an example. The before paragraph is part of Birner’s 10-K. The after paragraph is my translation.   


The Company may see increased costs or lower revenue arising from health care reform. 

In March 2010, Congress passed, and the President signed, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This act may have a significant impact on health care providers, insurers and others associated with the health care industry, including the Company. The Company is currently evaluating the impact of this comprehensive act on its business. Federal and state governments may propose other health care initiatives and revisions to the health care and health insurance systems. It is uncertain what legislative programs, if any will be adopted in the future, or what action Congress or state legislatures may take regarding other health care reform proposals or legislation. In addition, changes in the health care industry, such as the growth of managed care organizations and provider networks, may result in lower payments for the services of the Company’s managed practices.


New Health Care Laws Can Hurt Us

In March 2010: the United States passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This big, new law affects health care companies like Birner. We are evaluating its impact. We do not know what new health care laws governments will write. And we do not know how our industry will react. When we know, we will tell the SEC. Read our SEC reports to stay up to date.