Who is this Quan Hoang Guy? - And Why Is He on My Blog?

by Geoff Gannon

Someone who reads the blog sent me this email:


Who is this Quan Hoang guy? And why is he in your blog!!!!



Quan Hoang is someone I’ve emailed with since March 2011. So, well over a year now. He was a college student then. When I moved to Texas, Quan wanted to move out here and work with me. 

Now, we get together each day and write. I will be blogging every day. And Quan will be writing too. So, you'll see 2 posts a day at the blog.

The blog will be much more active than usual.

I think you'll like it.

If you want to get to know Quan better, you can:

He'll be a permanent fixture at Gannon On Investing. Which - you may have noticed - has been renamed Gannon (and Hoang) On Investing.

Talk to Geoff about Quan