You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Best Investment Book Ever

by Geoff Gannon

I love Benjamin Graham. But if I had to hand you one book to tell you how I pick stocks, it wouldn’t be The Intelligent Investor. It would be You Can Be a Stock Market Genius.

Why? Because Joel Greenblatt doesn’t talk personal finance. He doesn’t talk bonds. He doesn’t talk portfolios. He just says diversification is overrated and starts picking stocks.

The next 250 pages are case studies. Greenblatt tells you how he found a stock, the situation it was in, why he bought it, and how much money he made.

Benjamin Graham is value investing’s Old Testament. Warren Buffett is its New Testament. And You Can Be a Stock Market Genius is our Gospel of Mark. It doesn’t repeat sayings or rehash dogma. It just tells stories. The case studies read like the present tense. You feel like you and Greenblatt are analyzing the stocks together.

It’s a cheap book. Amazon sells the paperback for $10. The publisher is Simon and Schuster’s Fireside. It’s sitting in my bookcase right now, shelved with a $50 hardcover from Wiley. It looks like it belongs one shelf down squashed between Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald.

The pulp pages, urine yellow cover, and Ron Popeil title turn off a lot of investors. I was one of them. I wouldn’t touch it in a bookstore. I needed to read Amazon reviews and hear from value guys. Tariq Ali of Street Capitalist loves it too.

He should. It’s the best investment book ever written.